Pokemon Mystery Dungeon United Nations

New website.

Hi, it's TPK  informing y'all we've had a new website for some time. To anyone who still visits this one here's the new link ~New Website~


Register on the forums

Hi everyone just a quick reminder don't forget too sign up on the forums where all the fun is a get interactive with the other players etc make posts you never know what you'll find such as new updates Forums GO

New Chat!

Hello all , we have a new IRC chat room located here : http://www.pokemonunations.com/chatroom.htm


Hey everyone well PMDU could really use some help to pay for the website domain and a few other important things, we could use your help we finally got the donations back up so please anything you can give will help, thanks.

Just click on donations in the navigation bar to the top of the website page.


PMDU updates